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Introduction: ITIL Process Map

This video on YouTube.


ITIL® process templates for your ITIL implementation. - Start here if you are looking for a good first introduction to the structure and the contents of the ITIL® Process Map.

Our ITIL process model is a 'translation' of ITIL into legible, easy to read process templates that explain the ITIL processes and their interrelationships and get you started with introducing ITIL-aligned processes in your organization.

The ITIL reference model covers the complete ITIL service lifecycle. In this short introductory video Stefan Kempter shows examples from Service Operation and Incident Management.

The demo is based on the Visio™ version of the ITIL Process Map - the ITIL process models for other platforms like ARIS™ or Primero™ offer the same content and are adapted to those platforms' specific strengths.


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