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Webinar | ITIL and the ITIL Process Map

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Webinar (recording): ITIL process management based on ITIL process templates. - We introduce the ITIL® Process Map, a complete set of process and document templates for organizations or service providers that want to align their operations with IT service management best practice according to ITIL 2011.

If you have questions about our ITIL process model, please contact us - or register for a live webinar.

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Time stamps for this webinar

0:00:01 Intro
0:01:09 Who we are: The IT Process Maps team

0:02:36 The ITIL® Process Map: process templates in 4 layers of detail
0:04:17 Versions of the ITIL process model, e.g. the ITIL® Process Map for Visio
0:04:42 Top Level: Overview of the ITIL service lifecycle
0:06:57 Level 2: ITIL service lifecycle stages, e.g. Service Operation
0:07:56 Level 3: ITIL main processes, e.g. Incident Management
0:08:54 Level 4: ITIL process flows in BPMN, e.g. "Incident Resolution by 1st Level Support"
0:09:13 Detailed process interfaces (process inputs and outputs)
0:10:06 Activity sequences and responsibilities, indicated by ITIL roles

0:12:50 Process and data objects shapes, and shape data fields
0:13:32 Introducing ITIL processes step by step: the status value
0:14:23 Data objects and related ITIL checklists, e.g. the "Incident Record"
0:15:14 ITIL document templates, e.g. the "Service Level Agreement (SLA)"

0:15:44 ITIL roles and responsibility/ accountability information in the process diagrams
0:16:13 The complete ITIL RACI matrix in Excel
0:17:37 Navigating the process model starting from a role perspective

0:18:41 Adapting the reference processes to the needs of your organization
0:19:34 Adding, changing and deleting process activities
0:20:18 Changing the shape layout using the Visio master shapes
0:21:12 Modifying descriptive information of processes or data objects
0:21:37 The Visio add-in
0:23:31 The ITIL repository in Excel
0:24:15 Adding new processes

0:26:33 Getting certified against ISO/IEC 20000 with the ITIL - ISO 20000 Bridge
0:27:02 ISO 20000 requirements
0:27:32 How to fulfill the ISO 20000 requirements

0:30:14 Summary: the contents of the ITIL Process Map
0:31:36 Technical support
0:32:03 The free ITIL Wiki


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